For your much "kneaded" attention... Phone: 401 - 744 - 4353
Your journey to a state of relaxation begins upon entering a quiet and dimly lit waiting area. You will enter the candle-lit treatment room filled with the slow, continuous sound of ocean waves; the soft, steady beat of rhythmic drums; or the selection of your choice from a variety of sounds provided by the therapist. Once you are comfortable on the warm massage table, the therapist will begin to release all the built up tension and stress by massaging the scalp. The therapist will continue relaxing your mind and body, massaging your neck and back, as the scented lotion of your choice fills the room with a calming lavender or soothing peppermint scent. The bliss continues as the therapist works their way down your body—arms, hands, legs, feet. You will then turn over and the therapist kneads their way back up your body—feet, legs, back, shoulders, arms, hands, neck—as your body remains in a deep state of relaxation. This divine experience is not over yet; your treatment will end with gentle and soothing compressions over the blanket and ends with a gentle scalp massage. After reluctantly departing the treatment room, you will be greeted by the therapist with a complimentary hot tea or a refreshing bottle of water, which you can enjoy while you book your next, MUST HAVE appointment
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